Mayor O’Connor says extra land for hotel will only be bought after vote of Board of Aldermen — no comment on Plamondon offer to Eagles

Mayor Michael O’Connor says there will be “no action” to acquire

Michael O’Connor

extra land for the downtown hotel without a vote of the Board of Aldermen. And the City will abide by its purchasing rules and the state open meetings law in handling the matter of extra land. Mayor O’Connor was responding to a letter co-signed by Jane Weir editor of the FoF C Downtown Marriott Watch, myself and another citizen in which we questioned allowing the Plamondon company to negotiate the purchase of land which is to be paid for and owned by the City. Continue reading

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LETTER TO THE MAYOR Mr Mayor: Is Plamondon the City’s purchasing agent?

Mayor O’Connor

Mr Mayor: at a recent meeting of the Frederick Eagles club it was revealed that Plamondon Hospitality Partners (Plamondon) has made a $650,000 offer for the Eagles property adjacent to the City-sponsored downtown hotel. Apparently the Eagles land is proposed to be added to the Randalls’ land which is all to be paid for and owned by the City.  Plamondon is in effect making offers-to-buy on behalf of the City of Frederick! Continue reading

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Plamondon offers Eagles $650k for adjacent property valued at $1.23m

Plamondon has offered the Eagles social club $650,000 for their 100 year old property at 216 East Patrick Street and two small open lots to the immediate west used for car parking. The offer was revealed to Eagles’ members at a general meeting last week. A local committee has been formed to recommend next steps but the ultimate decision rests with the head office of the club in Grove City (Columbus) Ohio. Continue reading

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Gaver Guilty — first HAC chair Mark Gaver convicted for $50m bank fraud

Prominent Frederick area businessman Mark Gaver was convicted on all ten US charges of bank fraud and money laundering by a jury in US District Court today (Aug 1.) His trial lasted eight days. Gaver fabricated a stream of false and fraudulent financial reports between 2008 and 2016 vastly exaggerating to the Santander Bank his Gaver Technologies Inc (GTI) business revenues to extract loans he had no hope of repaying to the tune of nearly $50m.  Continue reading

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Hotel Advisory Committee first chairman Mark Gaver’s trial for $50m in Frederick bank fraud begins today in Baltimore

Mark Gaver in 2010

Mark Gaver’s trial on federal charges of bank fraud began today in US District Court at 101 West Lombard St in Baltimore (case #RBD-17-0640.) Gaver served as the first chairman of the City’s Hotel Advisory Committee (HAC) appointed by former Mayor Randy McClement eight years ago and set the HAC on its course of dirty behind closed door political and financial machinations that have characterized the project since its inception. Continue reading

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No state funds for stalled hotel project — City forfeits another state grant but recent MOU fails to acknowledge

June 30th the City lost $500,000 it has been touting as state support for the downtown hotel. The State Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) says it is no longer funding the Frederick hotel project. In January 2016 the City was awarded $500,000 in ‘strategic demolition’ funds for purchase of land for the hotel. The City issued a celebratory press release in which the project director Richard Griffin was quoted as saying the money was “critical to advancing the project.” (2016/01/19) Continue reading

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A project still in flux — notes for Mayor & Board meeting

Mr Mayor, Aldermen: This remains a project in flux, still largely undefined nearly two and a half years after the first City-Plamondon Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of December 2015. According to the schedule attached as Appendix F to the first MOU there was supposed to be a “definitive agreement on construction, development and financing” called a Master Joint Development And Financing Agreement (MJDAFA) within nine months — by September 2016. Continue reading

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Why the Board of Aldermen should vote No on the downtown hotel (Unpublished Letter to the Editor FNP)

Soon after he first assumed office as Mayor at the beginning of 2010 Randy McClement committed the City to sponsorship of a downtown hotel. It was to be a $45m, three or four year project — due to open by the end of his first term or early 2014. Four years later it is still a three or four year project — 2021 or 2022. Meanwhile the City’s mismanagement of this project has impressed itself on the Maryland Continue reading

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“Black is really white” — Executive Summary misrepresents new MOU on City hotel construction risk

The Executive Summary begins with an Overview reporting supposed revisions to the draft new-MOU for the downtown hotel project made in response to comments at the May 23 Workshop. Bullet points describe revisions claimed to have been made “to address key issues identified by Aldermen at the Workshop.” Continue reading

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City says can’t find records authorizing hotel procurement RFP14J in Feb 2014 — the Cover-Up of the Big Fix

The cover-up of the hotel Big Fix has gotten worse. The City says it cannot find the key records authorizing issuance on February 19, 2014 of the Request for Proposals for the downtown hotel. Known as RFP14J this solicitation was suspect because the insider-only RFP document that emerged from the City Purchasing Office contrasted so sharply with the open, competition-friendly procedure presented to the Board of Aldermen at the prior public meeting. Continue reading

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