Submission made to state Office of Legislative Audits and Board of Public Works

COPY OF COVER NOTE: Supporters of the City-sponsored Downtown Frederick Hotel project sought another $10.5 million in the 2019 legislative session in Annapolis and were apparently unsuccessful in getting new State aid this year. But they have declared their intention to continue seeking funds. One avenue is an effort to revive an old bond bill grant of $5 million and a $250,000 DHCD grant made in earlier year but forfeited or forgotten. The Board of Public Works and DHCD will likely be asked to approve release of these $5.25m of state funds. I believe state officials should consider the following evidence that this project is corrupt, wasteful, unfair and unnecessary. I am hopeful you will conclude it is undeserving of a single dollar of state funds.

My standing? I’m a citizen and taxpayer of Frederick, Maryland and live and own a home downtown. I’m retired after a journalism career in Australia, New York City, Washington DC and locally as a newspaper and magazine reporter, pundit and specialist journalist-publisher (I founded Toll Roads News.) I’m all in favor of new hotels downtown but believe they should be fully financed by competitive private enterprise — as now proposed at the old Visitation Academy site. The more closely I examined the long saga of a City-sponsored Plamondon hotel project here in Frederick the more obvious it was to me that it was a corrupt, wasteful, unfair and unnecessary boondoggle that citizens of conscience must speak out against.

I have written at my website and worked with the Friends of Frederick County Marriott Hotel Watch Facebook page group to expose the flagrant wrongdoing associated with the City hotel project. The attached pdf is a submission to the Office of Legislative Audits suggesting the Frederick project should be investigated. Meanwhile I urge the Board of Public Works to freeze any funds appropriated by the General Assembly.

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