If the Mayor really wants to “address concerns” he should…


Mayor O’Connor thinks that “addressing concerns” will win support for the City hotel project. Fine. If he’s serious then he should:

1. Explain how the City came to appoint as its “point man” for the hotel project none other than Mark Gaver, probably the biggest conman in the history of Frederick County now serving a well-deserved 17 years jail for his six year $50 million fraud.

2. Tell us why Gaver’s closed door mode of operation of the City’s Hotel Advisory Committee (HAC) in flagrant violation of state open meetings law was tolerated by the City for eight years.

3. Investigate the HAC’s shenanigans in the so-called ‘competed procurement’ of developer Plamondon under the previous Mayor. How come the HAC quietly dumped the site first, developer second or 2-stage procurement recommended by the City consultant and endorsed by the Board of Aldermen? How come Plamondon’s proposal was received by the City even before the RFP was issued? How come there’s a reference in emails to the City working off a draft RFP written by none other than Plamondon? Why was the City Purchasing Department bypassed in violation of City rules?

4. Explain why the City after proclaiming the old Frederick News-Post lot as the best available site for the hotel it now finds it necessary to buy the Eagles property next door. Explain why  Plamondon has been negotiating with the Eagles for land which the City plans to buy and own.

5. Make the case for the City building and giving the hotel developer an expensive engineered ‘podium’ slab for his hotel atop a basement City garage. Show why the taxpayer should assume the risks and costs of building in the dump that is the remains of two centuries of industry creekside. Spell out what this will mean for the finances of the City parking fund.

6. Give us a detailed capital budget for this project. 

7. Get answers to the 25 issues raised by City planning staff in their letter “Re: Sketch Plan STF17-992SP for 200 East Patrick Street” signed by Pam Reppert, City Planner dated December 18, 2017.

8. Explain why he keeps project managers who have obtained state grants, then have them expire because they’re unable to get their act together…. project managers who love to generate project ‘milestone’ schedules and then disregard and discard those same schedules with impunity. Why not new project management?

Peter Samuel

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