Gov Hogan’s Facebook page — my comment

Governor Larry Hogan is angry at four legislators he identifies as leading the effort to reduce oversight by accountable officials of school contracting. He posted pictures of the four on his Facebook page (see below) with the comment “Incredible. These legislators voted against their constituents and just handed oversight of billions of taxpayer dollars… to a group of unaccountable, unelected people – including lobbyists.”

One of the four Hogan villains is our own Ron Young!

Here’s a screen shot:

I posted the following Comment to the Governor’s Facebook page:

Governor Hogan: Senator Ron Young’s most corrupt and wasteful pork project is the Downtown Frederick Hotel which he has been advancing by backroom deals with cronies. The advocates call this City-sponsored project an “upper upscale” hotel with meeting space that they say is the “top priority” of local business community. In truth business will fund such hotels as are needed by visitors and local business without huge public subsidies — as has occurred in Annapolis for example. The $31 million of City, County and State funds being sought for a taxpayer underwritten hotel for some nine years now have tended to drive away honest investment in self-financing lodging business here. Who can compete with a lavishly subsidized boondoggle? The City of Frederick conducted a farcical ‘competition’ for the $31m promised handout via a shady Hotel Advisory Committee that flouted the state’s open meetings act, operating behind closed doors and compromised by conflicts of interest. The winner of the pretend-competed procurement was actually a member of the Hotel Advisory Committee until months before it issued the RFP, and his submission was received before the RFP was complete! Not only is the Downtown Frederick Hotel project blatantly corrupt, it’s dumb too. Frederick’s historic buildings are one of its attractions both to residents and to visitors yet the project requires demolition of the last 19th century leather tanning building in the state, a building found eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The site these corrupt dummies have chosen is almost landlocked with little usable street frontage so the project hasn’t yet — nine years after the project was launched — been able to come up with a workable site plan. I sometimes suspect the City’s project director for this hotel might be a deep Cato Institute plant, inserted into Frederick to bring discredit the notion of City hotel sponsorship. Please Governor, be sure to get the Board of Public Works to bar any state money going to fund this farce. Only Ron Young and a few of his friends will be upset.

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