Current state of the City-Maryland Historical Trust MoA “still a deliberative process”

“The MoA negotiation is still a deliberative process amongst the signatories and it is not yet a final document ready for signature.” That’s how City of Frederick/Maryland Historical Trust dealmaking was characterized  Monday afternoon, Feb 12, by Beth Cole, administrator, project review & compliance officer at the Trust. 

(Despite its name the Trust is a state regulatory agency which adjudicates in the name of its head who has the title State Historic Preservation Officer.)

The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) being sought, the City’s DED director Richard Griffin told the Mayor & Board of Aldermen last Wednesday are “pretty standard” and MHT does such agreements “several hundred times per year.”

56 minute mark, see

Not exactly “several hundred times per year.”

MHT reports each year on the numbers of such agreements in their annual report.

Numbers of these MHT/local MoAs per year for recent fiscal years:

2017: 28

2016: 22

2015: 24

So Griffin exaggerates the numbers of MoAs about ten-fold.

As for them being “pretty standard” those involved say they are one-off, tailored to each project.

His own MoA which he wrote the Mayor & Board (Executive Summary Feb 2, 2018) had received MHT’s ‘final comments’ on Jan 26 turns out to be still in negotiation. And it is going to miss the 2/15/18 date he proposed for the public hearing and vote in City Hall.

Par for the course for this project manager: misrepresentation, exaggeration, efforts to rush that annoy everyone, and another missed deadline.


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