“We’re not going to move forward on hotel” — Gov Hogan in FNP interview

Governor Larry Hogan has made his clearest statement yet that he will stop
state funds going to the downtown hotel conference center (DHCC) project. Such projects have been “disastrous” for state taxpayers in the past, he said.

He is quoted: “The state should not be in the business of competing with the private sector or running hotels.”

The remarks come about midway through an interview on a variety of issues with Danille Gaines of the Frederick News-Post, published Jan 26.

He began saying it was unprecedented for the legislative leadership to provide state funds for a project that the local delegation opposed…

The Governor’s comments as published:

Hogan: It’s, I believe, the only time I can every remember the Legislature ignoring the wishes of the local delegation and doing the opposite. So the Frederick County delegation [majority] voted against this. And it’s unheard of for the Legislature to put a local funding project into a budget when the local delegation is against it. So it was very unusual to begin with. Secondly, the state has invested in these types of things in the past. And if you look at Rocky Gap or the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge or the conference center in Baltimore, they’ve all been disastrous for the state taxpayers. The state should not be in the business of competing with the private sector or running hotels. So this was very strongly opposed by the Frederick delegation … the Legislature keeps sticking [it] in anyway. We’re not going to move forward on it.


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