Preservation Maryland’s betrayal of its mission — letter

Letter to Meagan Baco at Preservation Maryland: “… I and quite a number of others here think Preservation Maryland’s performance with respect to the Birely Tannery has been a disgraceful sellout. Your outfit has in this matter gotten itself into an unprincipled alliance with people who give only lip service to preservation.

First off you fail to support local preservationists fighting to preserve a National Register-eligible building deemed by the City Historic Preservation Commission to be of “unusual historic importance,” instead siding with the corrupt cabal pushing for a taxpayer subsidized hotel.

Second you come up with a disgusting scheme to have taxpayers get the hotel developer off the hook of paying for mitigation of the damage done to the historic district by demolition of the Tannery building.

Anyway we are still hopeful that the State will kill this corrupt, wasteful and destructive project by withholding state funds, thereby saving the Tannery. We have the Governor, three of seven county commissioners, and a majority of the County Delegation to Annapolis on our side. It is sad that the State’s leading private preservation group sides with those seeking to swing the wrecking ball.”

NOTE: Until the appointment of Nicholas Redding as executive director Preservation Maryland was a strong ally of local preservationists in protecting the Birely Tannery. It listed the Tannery as one of the state’s most important “endangered” sites. But Redding, a close associate of the Downtown partnership’s Kara Norman, has sided with the City cabal promoting the Plamondon hotel at the Frederick News Post site.

During discussion of Plamondon’s application to the City Historic Preservation Commission to demolish the Tannery (HPC17-490) in the Fall of 2017 not a word was heard in defense of the Tannery from Preservation Maryland.

MISTAKE: The Frederick News-Post (2018.01.16) reported: “Representatives (of Preservation Maryland) publicly opposed the demolition of the tannery building before the Historic Preservation Commission voted on it.” That was wrong. They stayed away. They were silent. 2018.01.21

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