Listen to closed door meeting on the boondoggle hotel — 199Mb m4a file

This is a recording of a closed meeting doing public business — closed to elected officials, closed to the press, closed to the public — all designed to clear the path to demolition of a building found Eligible for Listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Listen to state officials misrepresent the law in claiming they have no say in demolition of the Birely Tannery. They claim that all they can do is discuss ‘mitigation’ measures after demolition.

It’s plain wrong.

The law is clear. They are required to consult on avoiding demolition but in this meeting they try to mislead everyone. The lead speaker is Melissa Archer of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the ‘state unit’ assigned to coordinate the state response to the hotel boondoggle promoters’ efforts to steal $30+ million of taxpayer money.

The meeting was called by DHCD’s Archer consulting with the City’s DED director Richard Griffin.

The audio file is 199.4Mb almost certainly too much for an iPhone or tablet but manageable on a laptop or desktop:

(Note you have to copy and paste this in a browser. The WordPress website system here doesn’t want to make a link of this.)

THOUGHT: we need more direct action to bust open these despicable behind-closed-door efforts to fleece the public treasury, destroy our historic heritage for private benefit and entrench a lodging monopoly downtown for a crony of the City’s insider cabal. Remember: we are dealing with clowns here — officials on the public payroll who have been putzing around with this farce of a project for going on eight years and have the effrontery to claim they are promoting lodging and development downtown. They are obstructing lodging and development downtown with their endless corrupt shenanigans. PSam 2017.10.19

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