Birely Tannery preserved in master plans for Carroll Creek Park

The Birely Tannery building was marked for preservation in the original 1991 master plan for development of Carroll Creek and also in another more detailed 2003 park plan.

The first report titled Carroll Creek Park: Master Plan and Implementation Strategy, Jacobson Wallace Associates, December 1991 has a map (page 9 with a section shown nearby) in the which the Birely & Kunzel tanneries are marked as ‘Opportunities’ for enriching the park via historic preservation and reuse.

The second more detailed plan published in October 2003 is called Carroll Creek Park Project, Draft Park Plan, CIP Project #410001, and involved consultants HNTB/LDR, and RK&K. It has the Birely Tannery building shown (see below) in solid line outline, just like the Delaplaine Center and the Trolley Building. It is shown with a ‘future development’ extension in dashed lines attached to its eastern end. This makes clear the 2003 plan expected that the Birely Tannery would be preserved.








P Sam 2017.08.29

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