Cliff Bridgford writes Governor urging no state-$s for hotel

Longtime Frederick citizen and retired attorney Cliff Bridgford has written a strong letter to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan urging him to resist moves to provide millions of state dollars to the downtown hotel project. He says in his letter that the appropriation by the legislature “represents everything that is wrong with public-private partnerships, crony capitalism and corporate welfare.”

He introduces himself as a taxpayer and an advocate of free enterprise, and says that the track record of such government sponsored projects is one of frequent  “financial failure” leaving taxpayers to “clean up the mess.”

Gov Hogan

The project “will compete unfairly” against other businesses that invest solely at their own risk.

“The alleged benefits” of the project “are speculative at best,” he writes, “and I predict will never come to fruition.”

Bridgford says “There is no legitimate reason for government to fund at taxpayer expense” a project that will benefit only the private owners of the land, the developer and their agents.

Below is the full letter:

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