Budget documents confirm full cancellation of State funding of hotel

Capital budget documents from the General Assembly in Annapolis spell out the State’s intent to cancel all support for the downtown hotel and conference center. They say under Reason: “Governor has withdrawn support for the project — including not providing $7.5 million in the MCCBL (Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan) of 2017 that was pre-authorized for fiscal 2018 in the MCCBL of 2016 and not including a pre-authorization for fiscal 2019 also included in the MCCBL of 2016.”

Delegate Adrienne A Jones chair of the House Appropriations Sub-Committee on the Capital Budget has indicated to one source that they agree with and propose to accept the Governor’s  ‘de-authorization’ (cancellation) of the three previously proposed grants.

Del. Jones

We have a question in with Jones’ office to verify that.

The earlier report of the Department of Legislative Services’ concurrence with the Governor’s cancellation of state funding was based on messages from a  source in Annapolis and an iPhone image of the key paragraph.

We now have an extract of the relevant pages:

Capital Budget Summary copy

Also, The Frederick Extra edited by Katherine Heerbrandt has quoted Frederick County State Senator Michael Hough: “Scores of independent agencies have looked at the

Sen. Hough

proposed downtown hotel and conference center and they are saying ‘don’t fund it with taxpayer money.’ First the Maryland Stadium Authority, then the Maryland Economic Development Corporation and now the nonpartisan Department of Legislative Services have all said ‘don’t fund the hotel.’ If this project goes forward, it should do so without taxpayer support. This is crony capitalism.”




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