Word is Birely Tannery building declared Eligible for National Register, no demo allowed

Word in the historic preservation community is that the Birely Tannery building has been found Eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic places. Confirmation should come on Monday from the Maryland Historical Trust which has been studying the issue on behalf of the state since mid-November.

This means demolition of the buildings is impermissible under state law since the hotel project has received state grants. 

The Birely Tannery building occupies a strategic portion of the site fronting the promenades and canal of the Carroll Creek Linear Park. An already tight project would have to be greatly downsized to preserve the tannery building.

Aspiring hotel developer Pete Plamondon with City support submitted extensive historic and archeological research arguing that the Birely Tannery was not eligible for the National Register and did not need to be preserved. That case has apparently been rejected by the Maryland Historical Trust which is tasked by state law with ensuring that state money does not go to projects which damage historic assets.

We’ll update this when we get more.


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