“MEDCO has not told us hotel no-go” Mayor McClement, while Pete Plamondon strikes churchillian note

dedcityoff100cMayor McClement in a statement today said the City has “not received any official communication from MEDCO that they have taken any action” to drop the downtown hotel project. So, he said “the City continues to move forward on this project,” he is quoted by Patti Mullins, the City spokesman. [MEMO Mr Mayor: MEDCO’s chief exec Robert Brennan is at 410.625.0051 and r_brennan@medco-corp.com ]fnpreverse180

The Frederick News-Post had reported Brennan as saying that following statements of opposition by the Frederick County delegation to Annapolis the City sponsored hotel project “is dead.” Brennan’s board of directors

Robert Brennan

Robert Brennan

voted to ‘table’ the City of Frederick draft MOU. They will not reconsider it pending production of an updated feasibility study and market analysis and a coherent financial plan. Moreover Brennan told us a week ago, the MEDCO (Maryland Economic Development Corporation) directors want to wait and see how other state agencies rate the project so they don’t get out of line. The Maryland Stadium Authority) MSA voted a week later to sever any connection to the project, saying it could not be involved in public funding of a private business. It was also critical of the way the project had changed, and the site selection and procurement processes used.

After the Republican majority (Sen Hough, Delegates Afzali, Ciliberti, Folden, and Vogt) said they were opposed to the City afzalikathyhedsht180sponsored hotel and its requirement for $31 million of upfront taxpayer money, saying they would “kill it” if if it were resubmitted MEDCO’s Brennan was quoted in the Frederick News-Post off saying “It’s looking right now that this project is dead.”

In a later addition to their story the local newspaper quotes Pete Plamondon, the hotel developer as saying he was not at all “disheartened” or “disillusioned” by Brennan’s statements.

“We’re going to remain focused and see the project to fruition,” he is quoted. “Our path remains going forward with the state.”

We submitted this comment:

ppsmlgsharp115x2c“Pete Plamondon says he is not at all disheartened. He doesn’t care that two state agencies supposedly part of his hotel deal have given it a thumbs down. That the Governor says no more state money will flow to this project, a project in which $18m of $31m of taxpayer money needed upfront is supposed to come from the state?

“ Are city and county officials not concerned that leading state officials say this hotel project is a mess. Might they not also pull their previously promised $13m, $7m from the county and $6m from the City? Is Pete just playing Churchill here.

“With the U-boats in the Atlantic sinking supply ships and the Luftwaffe blitz of the cities prime minister Plamondon declares bravely: We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Frederick. Wechurchillrender shall fight on the seas and the oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our Deal whatever the costs may be. We shall fight on the beaches of Annapolis. We shall fight on the landing grounds of Baker Park. We shall fight in the fields of Monrovia, and in the streets downtown. We shall fight in the hills of the Blue Ridge. We shall never surrender.

“And if, which I do not for a moment believe, this city were subjugated and starving of hotel handouts, then our state beyond the seas guarded by the Bay fishing fleet would carry on the struggle until in God’s good time the New World of Trump with all its power and might steps forth to the rescue.”


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