City hotel project misses deadlines, stretches schedules quickly

dedcityoff100cThis City hotel project has an almost unblemished record for missing deadlines. Target schedules are set and the project quickly misses, often by a long shot. Take the 2-party MOU between the City and Plamondon signed just under a year ago, December 3, 2015, which contained an

Appendix F in Dec 2015 MOU

Appendix F in Dec 2015 MOU

Appendix F comprising a Preliminary Milestone Schedule. The project did meet milestones for City approval of the MOU itself, and it did — via sneaky avoidance of the normal parliamentary processes — get state budget approval in April. However it will have to be revisited in the legislature because release of the money was made dependent on an agreement with Maryland Stadium Authority which agency voted unanimously this fall NOT to participate in the project.

New schedule needed!

Anyway continuing our review of this project’s on-time non-performance, the items from the schedule bolded:

“Maryland Historical Trust Agreement — May 1, 2016”

As of mid-November Birely Tannery Determination of Eligibility submission to MHT was lodged by  developer’s consultant, archaeological dig done, but still waiting archeological report. Time is needed for review of developer submissions by consulting parties and staff review. Any agreement unlikely before May 1, 2017, and it is most likely to be rejection of the developer plan.

“City Entitlements and Design/Development Process — commence November 1, 2015”

Preparatory work ongoing mid-November, nothing lodged with the City permitting departments

“1. Historic Preservation — Phase I.” Promised for December, though one view is that MHT needs to rule first.

“2. Begin preliminary design services.” Begin preliminary design??? Services? This is gobbledegook. Preliminary design was supposed to have been begun long ago. As for services who knows?

“3. Planning Commission/Site Development Plan” Nothing lodged.

“4. Historic Preservation — Phase II.” Nothing lodged.

“5. Fully engineered design & construction drawings “— unknown

“6. Building permit” — that’s the big one.

Unlikely before September 2017 if all goes well.  Historic preservation review could well require preservation of Birely Tannery building which is atop the location of the proposed conference center.

Omitted and not assigned dates but necessary for permits:

— Traffic impact study of proposed two-waying of East Patrick St, East St to S Carroll

— a parking plan, currently provides for 104 cars, study called for 350

— street improvements for north and west boundaries of the property, landscape plan for integrating promenades of Carroll Creek Linear Park and the hotel

This could be done concurrently. But hangups over any one can delay the whole project.

“Execution of Master Development and Funding Agreement — September 15, 2016”

What a hoot! Must be a minimum of a year away, say October 2017.

“Real Estate Closing — on or before June 2017”

Now looks unlikely before the end of 2017.

“Construction commences — on or before June 2017.”

Unlikely before June 2018. Most likely the present project will die, and never see construction.

“Grand Opening — on or before January 2019”

Impossible. Absurd. Won’t happen.


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