Accused of searching desperately for a smoking gun — exchange with a critic

Dan Patrell: The fact that you’re searching for some smoking gun is rather sad and pathetic.

Peter Samuel: No need to search for any smoking gun! The damned ‘gun’ is a circling B52 about to unload on 200 East Patrick St. You must be deaf and blind to not be aware off it.

Dan Patrell: Peter, you folks are just a crowd sucking up your own ether. Kinda similar to a Trump crowd: you serve each other red meat just to keep your crowd permanently angry.

Peter Samuel: Dan Patrell: There you go. You have nothing to say on the substance of the bid rigging, the absurdity of trying to insert a Walmart sized building into the historic district, the outrageous rip-off of taxpayers to the tune of $31m, failing to do a proper survey of hazmats, lumping together a bunch of free spirited individuals, most of them Democrats and libertarians who loathe Trump… the best you can do, pal is name-call. Pathetic.

Dan Patrell: that is all your absurd objections deserve. And the analogy is apt.

Peter Samuel: Absurd objections? $31m of public funds can’t be used for something better than this.That the City isn’t harmed by a sham ‘competed procurement’ of a developer to receive this largesse? That a cookie cutter Marriott fits E Patrick St? That we should demolish the last remaining building remnant of our leading 19th century industry — tanning, and a building whose brickwork is well preserved located on a Site determined to be Eligible for the National Register of Historic places since 1983? I think these objections are seriously considered by serious people.

Dan Patrell: I think you’re trying to find piles of shit to throw and then see whatever sticks

Peter Samuel: Dan Patrell  I developed an interest in this project 2 or 3 years ago being generally in favor of it. I clashed with a historic preservationist over some critical comments she made at one public meeting. For a while I thought the project could be made acceptable with some changes — mostly by cutting out or heavily cutting back the conference center portion. I decided it was an interesting project to follow for think tanks like the Maryland public Policy Institute, Cato and Reason, outfits I’ve worked for in the past. And the more I dug the more rotten I found it was… I’m always open to correction if I get facts wrong. Name calling doesn’t worry me personally, but it is disappointing when people like you won’t even consider the issues, and only seem capable of hurling abuse.

(exchange on FoFC Facebook Marriott Watch page)

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