Plamondon proposal on demolition of historic buildings

Demolition of historic buildings is mentioned at two points in Plamondon’s official proposal dated May 9, 2014. An earlier post only quoted from one of the two mentions — We’ll quote the two mentions at length below.

Under 8G – Anticipated Impacts of the Development on p98 under subhead Historic Components we have:

“There are currently two notable historic structures on the site that the (Plamondon) development team has researched and attempted to incorporate into the program and development of the project. The original Frederick Railway Terminal Building, constructed in 1911, served as the Trolley Building until 1954 when it was sold to the Frederick News-Post.

“The original Birely Tannery Complex was housed on the site and dates back to 1800. Small remnants of the structure are currently visible presently (sic) and were modified over the last 110 years into apartments and the W&W Poultry complex in 1955, before being sold to the Frederick News-Post.” p98 ends.

p99: “It is the intent of the MCC (Plamondon) development team to incorporate the hotel and conference center adjacent to the original Frederick Railway Terminal Building. The 1960’s addition will be removed and the original 1911 structure will be retained and converted into retail. The structure will continue the rich fabric and story of historical structures in the city.

“The Birely Tannery Complex has significantly lost its historical integrity and setting context. The building has gone through numerous fires and uses over the years. The existing structure only represents a small fraction of what was once a tannery complex. The existing structure has also been structurally compromised through recent fires. Additionally the earthwork associated with the Carroll Creek Park has significantly changed the topographic relationship between the Tannery and Carroll Creek that was once prevalent in its original use.

“It is the intent of (Plamondon) to remove the Birely structure to allow for the development of the hotel, and in particular, the conference center. Sub-surface parking will be provided at the present elevation of the complex and the conference center will be be constructed at the present level of Carroll Creek Promenade. (Plamondon) plans on reusing some of the Tannery’s building components for use in the new outdoor function terrace. These structures will serve as visual reminders of the history of the site. Additionally the design team will be tasked with incorporating the ‘story’ of the tannery into the interiors of the project. Through artwork, leather detailing in the interior architecture, signage and graphics, (Plamondon) will endeavor to preserve the story and importance of the history of the site in our new project.” end quote on p99

Much later p180 in the May 2014 proposal that was accepted by the City under the head 12B – Outreach Plamondon promised a major ‘outreach program’ and then discussed Key Milestones:

“Key Milestone B: HPC Demolition and Replacement
“Following the pre-application meeting, the next key milestone is (Plamondon’s) request for HPC approval to demolish (and replace) the southern portion of the former Frederick News-Post building fronting Carroll Street, and to demolish the Birely Tannery Complex. HPC approval of this demolition request is essential to the design, feasibility, and parking required for the Hotel Project. Based on extensive historical studies already conducted by the Plamondon Development Team, Plamondon is confident that the buildings to be demolished are ‘non-contributing’ historically, and fully satisfy the criteria in Section 423 of the LMC (Land Management Code) for demolition.” end quote p180

NOTE 1: The Plamondon people are inconsistent about their own identity. Sometimes they are MCC Development LLC a possible new company formed for this project. Sometimes they are PHP (Plamondon Hospitality Partners.) Sometimes they are Plamondon Development Team. For simplicity and consistency we use the name Plamondon rather than their own varying and confusing names. We have also corrected their spelling in several places (and hopefully not made too many of our own.) 2016.o8.19


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