“We ran it by Legal” so it must be kosher

$31 million of taxpayer money is proposed to be given to a hotel developer under cover of a bogus, sham procurement, and City officials concerned can only say: “We ran it by Legal and they were OK with it.”

They don’t deny their agents JLL worked on the Plamondon proposal before the RFP went out, that they flagranly violated City procurement rules during the procurement. Or that Wormald’s proposal was given cursory attention.

They don’t deny it because they can’t.

The JLL invoices and time-sheets between Nov 2013 and May 2014 provide irrefutable evidence of bid-rigging in favor of Plamondon.

The management of this project is a scandal in so many ways it cannot be allowed to proceed if we are to call ourselves citizens of a self-respecting, self-governing City.

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