The gross stupidity of a bunch of amateurs taking it on themselves to design a hotel: RANT

Comment Frederick News-Post: This report fails to examine the gross stupidity of having city, county and state government, the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Partnership and the Tourism Council taking it on themselves to choose a site, design the hotel and select a favored developer who will get tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Of course costs pile up sky high, while there is nothing but talk and plan, talk and plan.

The sheer complexity of a politicized bargaining process among people who know nothing about hotels and have to hire a slew of expensive consultants to cover up their ignorance has become a huge expensive and corrupt farce.

Ten years have gone by, millions of dollars have been spent to little purpose, and there are still not even any building plans submitted to key City agencies.

The politicized approach to building a hotel downtown is underwritten now by $31 million upfront handouts, a sweetheart land rental, and unknown ‘support’ for future operating losses. That has prevented any entrepreneurial self-financed hotel projects getting beyond drawings.

Annapolis should be our model — seven hotels downtown, a mix of new construction, adaptation and repurposing of older buildings, decently integrated into a historic district with little fuss, providing a range of accommodations, and, best of all, not a cent of taxpayer subsidy!   P Samuel 20160731

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