Reply to suggestion we go to law enforcement

Mr Racheff: I’m just an old journalist exercising my first amendment rights to inquire and report and comment on what I am convinced after quite a lot of investigation is a crooked project in City Hall. We know from time-sheets supporting invoices that in parallel with writing the RFP, JLL people were billing long hours working with, possibly on, a proposal from Plamondon, that that work on the Plamondon proposal continued seamlessly after the RFP was formally issued as if there were no City rules limiting communications with bidders to written communications and answers available to the other bidder or bidders, that the Wormald proposal was treated cursorily, that the RFP made no mention of several major concessions subsequently made to Plamondon — buying the land, setting a peppercorn land rental, contributing to development costs that the RFP had said were solely the developer’s responsibility etc.  I’ve spoken and written these charges and provided the evidence multiple times in multiple forums. No innocent explanation has been made in response. The only response is to claim it was all run by City lawyers, and then to try shut off our access to City records. That’s the way guilty people act. My opinion is that this a pretty clearcut case of corruption, bid-rigging, and procurement fraud. It’s an opinion. It is for others to make decisions about more formal investigations or judicial action. 2016.07.17

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