“This is scandalous at several levels” FACEBOOK POST

This is scandalous at several different levels:

1. The procurement of JLL and their engagement was approved on the basis they would help the City. Here we see from invoices that JLL was also working for Plamondon helping that company with its bid, and doing so on City taxpayers’ nickel. That doesn’t look to be consistent with the purposes for which they were hired. The Mayor and Board never approved this.

2. JLL was involved on the City side in writing the terms of the procurement, second in helping Plamondon put together its bid, then third was represented on the City’s selection committee choosing which of the bids to recommend for acceptance. The involvement of any single consultant firm in all three roles makes a mockery of a competitive procurement process.

3. A key rule of City procurement is that after an RFP is posted all communication about the procurement must be in writing and sent through Kandi Fullerton, Director of Purchasing.

Some of the invoices suggest that Plamondon was assisted by JLL during that ‘blackout period.’ JLL represented the City, its bills were paid by the City, and it was involved in crafting the terms of the RFP and then in scoring the submissions and recommending which developer would get $30 million plus in public assistance. Communications between JLL and Plamondon during the blackout period between posting of the RFP and selection of the winner seem to be a flagrant breach of City procurement rules.

This thing stinks to high heaven.

NOTE: Consultants are supervised by the City official who approves or disallows their billing. Given that all the activities mentioned were detailed in timesheet attached to invoices, which were then ‘OK’d to pay’ ultimate responsibility lies with City officials. 2016.06.13

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