JLL hiked hourly rates $155 to $225 mid-contract and retrospectively billed one at inflated rates

The City’s $335,000 hotel development consultant Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) hiked their hourly rates nearly 50% midway through their contract with the City while working on the downtown hotel boondoggle. JLL consultants who had been working for $155/hour were bumped up to $200, $225 and $250 per hour.  The higher hourly rates were part of a Third Amendment to Agreement RFP#13-F Downtown Hotel Development Consultant which was signed 23rd December 2014 between the City and Chicago-based JLL.

About a week later Dec 31 JLL billed the City (invoice 021208) for $10,075 for work going back to September. And they applied the higher hourly rates to the hours worked before the rate hike was contracted. Downtown Hotel project director Richard Griffin OK’d the retrospective billing at the inflated hourly rates.

The 31 Dec 2014 invoice #021208 involved 43.5 hours of consultants time in September, October, November and December and billing at the higher rates they hit the City for $10,075. If the same hours had been billed at prevailing hourly rates the bill would have been $6,933.

The retrospective consulting rate hike works out at a 45 percent increase.


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