Email to Alderman Phil Dacey – suppressed study argued for smaller conference center

Phil: one thing I wanted to draw to your attention: just before you all voted December 3 last year to approve the hotel MOU you were assured that expert studies validated the proposed size of the conference center, including an updated version of the 2010 Pinnacle study, the first one done for the City. The updated version had not been released at that point. A Public Information Act request for that report I filed initially produced the statement that this update was performed for Plamondon and was proprietary. If it was proprietary then why was it being cited in public statements by the City official in charge of the project… anyway it did become available some weeks after it was cited and after the vote was taken.

The second Pinnacle study turned out to be dated October 15, 2013. It was the first to discuss demand for conference center space, and amazing for these consultants, the authors counsel caution and say in effect: build a bit less.

You were not told this before the vote. I attach a copy of the second Pinnacle report.

This downtown hotel project is too often promoted with ‘spin’ of this kind.

Anyway when I visit tomorrow I hope to get your latest thinking on this project.


Peter Samuel 2016.05.17

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