Where we stand in the battle against the hotel boondoggle

Supporters of the downtown hotel boondoggle were joyous over having managed to pull off a last minute victory in gaining state funding for the downtown hotel in Frederick. Opponents played the game in Annapolis fair and square. We adhered to the rules of representative government. We made written submissions first to the Frederick County Delegation of the General Assembly.

We travelled to Annapolis to take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly with our elected representatives and their staff, both casually in corridors and offices, then to give spoken testimony in the time available for public comment.

We lobbied and advocated at the House Appropriations Committee (HAC) and the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) in competition with hotel supporters. These are the committees of the legislature charged with doing detailed review of spending proposals, and in the normal course of events parliamentary procedure precludes a bill going forward to the full House or Senate without being reported favorably out of these two committees.

The downtown hotel supporters lost in the HAC and the SFC. Those two committees judged the hotel project was not fit to receive state funding. A week later in the last day of the legislature the funding w3as tacked onto an omnibus capital grant bill at the behest of the minority defeated in the regular appropriations process.  2016.04.19

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