Trickery & lies used to promote wasteful, rotten project (comment FNP)

Disappointing news. This is a wasteful, rotten and destructive project. Wasteful because it is going to cost $70m to build a facility whose prospective revenues make it worth about half that. Rotten because it has been advanced with trickery and lies. Proponents failed in the regular parliamentary channels. They were unable to persuade either the House or Senate review committees that the project was fit for state support project, and if it were not for trickery the hotel project would have died a deserved death there. The Youngs and Delegate Krimm bypassed the established General Assembly review procedures by doing a small hours deal to add it to a huge list of other items in a budget reconciliation bill. Trickery has also been used by the City whose officials from the Mayor down have insisted that City taxpayers will not be on the hook for what they claimed would be a privately owned hotel and a privately owned conference center. That has quietly been changed and now the conference center is dubbed as “infrastructure” and a “public” or City facility. Without reference to the board of aldermen City officials now propose to sign an agreement with the Maryland Stadium Authority to take responsibility for all the conference center’s operating expenses, including deficits – putting us taxpayers firmly ‘on the hook.’ The project is destructive because at the expense of taxpayers it favors one business family and underwrites its opening of a major hotel and several restaurants, bars and other facilities that will compete with businesses funded only with private money. This is corrupt crony capitalism and corporate welfare on the backs of the citizens.

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