Questions to City on ‘our lobbyist’ congratulated for help

At the April 13 event celebrating the promises of state money for the downtown hotel conference center project among those entities thanked was Greenwill Consulting Group, described by Earl Robbins the City’s  hotel advisory committee chairman as “our lobbyist” in the matter. 

I don’t think anyone from Greenwill spoke on behalf of the project in public hearings or provided testimony.


1. Was Greenwill engaged by the City?

2. If so what were the terms of Greenwill’s engagement? It’s task? What work did it do?

3. How many hours did Greenwill bill the City, and how much is it being paid for its work in lobbying on the hotel matter.


4. If Greenwill was not engaged by the City to assist the City advisory committee, who did engage Greenwill, and who did pay for their lobbying services?

Peter Samuel

Just go to one of these video records of the proceedings 4/13


You have to listen thru Richard G but Earl Robbins is number 2 speaker and it’s a short speech but you’ll hear him clearly add “Greenwill Consultant Group our lobbyist” to those deserving thanks.

Maybe it was Greenwill who devised the “end run” around the appropriations and finance committees that allowed the hotel boosters to seize victory from the jaws of defeat?


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