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klewisyoung Apr 7, 2016 1:10pm FREDERICK NEWS-POST

This project has been vetted in the public for seven years. Well over 20 public meetings have been held including citizen NAC meetings. The ENTIRE costs of the hotel will be paid by the developer. Public funds will be only allocated to infrastructure with a public benefit such as the conference center, utilities, and road improvements. The majority of the state delegation did NOT vote against this project. The vote on the MSA bill was 4-3-1. Therefore, a majority of the delegation did NOT vote against this bill. However, among those legislators who represent the City of Frederick, 100% of us were in favor. Also, the City of Frederick Board of Aldermen were 100% in support of this project.


Del Young: when the DHCC project was supported unanimously by the Mayor and Board of the City the project was presented as hotel and conference center (CC) both privately owned and operated, and the vote followed assurances the City and its taxpayers would not be responsible for any operating costs or losses. The project was dramatically altered after discussions with the Md Stadium Authority, the state funder, as reflected in the referral bills HB1474/SB1038 that you failed to get support for in Annapolis. Those bills spelled out the MSA’s requirement that the City contract to take full responsibility for CC operating costs and deficits. Further the hotel is now described as the privately owned part and the CC is described as ‘public’ — in effect it is to be a City business. That totally changes the terms of the project. The Mayor and Board have not had the new terms of the deal presented to them, and it has not even been discussed. Also the only consultant studies were of the hotel and CC as an integrated operation. If the CC is now to be separated out and it is to be a City responsibility we need financial estimates of its financial viability. How much are we as city taxpayers up for? Be assured you and other hotel boosters will not do a bait and switch without a major fight.

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