Why was it never a project goal to minimize public cost (Question to two advisory team members)

Rocky/Elizabeth, you were both on the City’s hotel advisory committee I believe:

The Executive Summary of the MOU p3 lists four Project Goals:

1) Service citizen and business needs;

2) Drive economic impact in terms of tax revenue generation and job creation;

3) Induce tourism, overnight stays, and new conference activity and

4) Be a catalyst for continued downtown revitalization and growth.

Given that this project has degenerated into a fiscal monster requiring, so far, over $20m of public funding, my question is: why didn’t anyone pipe up and suggest adding project goals such as

5) Minimize dependence on public funding to avoid burdens on taxpayers

6) Limit public assistance to the chosen hotel operator to avoid injury to competitors and discouragement to further investment in hotels – maintain a level field.

Peter Samuel

PS No answer was received. 20160225

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