Please cap the Fred Co hotel tax to prevent abuse – HB601, SB466

Dear Delegate: Please cap the Frederick County hotel tax at 3% to prevent the misuse of these revenues for an upscale downtown conference center hotel in Frederick. It is wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. 

Wrong, first, because it proposes to take from competing hotels to give to a favored hotel.

Wrong, second, because it is an impost on middle class lodging on behalf of full service facilities for the expense-account crew.

Wrong, third, because it would be a wasteful misuse of public funds. Hotel lodging and conference space provision is not a county responsibility.

Wrong, fourth, because the conference center part of the project is likely to lose large amounts of money and be an unnecessary burden on City taxpayers. These projects should stand on their own feet financially with investors and banks, not taxpayers, carrying the risk.

Normally the State should give County officials some discretion in the level of a hotel tax. But this is a not normal. When these officials propose to use the monies so wrongly it is your duty to cap the tax.

Peter Samuel, 20160221

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